Company Profile

We are a group of Florida-based corporations that include Y. I. P. Corporation, The Yaeger Foundation, Inc. and The Yaeger Clinic, Inc. For over 100 years, our business interests have spanned a range of industries and markets. These diversified operations are focused upon:

  • Educational Products and Consulting
  • Health Care Services and Technology
  • Real Estate Management and Development
  • Product Development, Manufacturing and Sales

Inventor/entrepreneur Ivan Yaeger is current member of the Yaeger family to lead our companies. As Chief Executive Officer he has expanded our core business to include technology and intellectual property. By maintaining our traditional business focus while embracing emerging opportunities, The Yaeger Companies is positioned for the next century of success.

Five Generations Of Family Leadership

The Yaeger Companies’ history began in the late 1800’s when Elliott C. Yaeger, Sr., a wealthy attorney and violinist, began investing in real estate. His son, Elliott C. Yaeger, Jr., expanded their ventures by developing residential and commercial properties in New York and New Jersey. Elliott Jr’s entrepreneurial vision increased the family’s fortune and prominence. Many jazz era celebrities were frequent guests at his Asbury Park estate and a New Jersey street was named after his daughter.

Dr. Yaeger, Sr. with staff at the Yaeger Clinic, 1945

Elliott Jr’s son, Dr. Carl E. Yaeger, Sr., launched the family legacy in health care while diversifying its real estate portfolio. Carl, Sr., a physician licensed in several states, opened The Yaeger Clinic’s first location in Long Island, New York in 1926. During the next several decades, he would own Yaeger Clinics in cities such as Boston and Los Angeles. He was also a nationally-recognized lecturer, author and minister who established the pioneering Marriage Counseling Institute in Los Angeles, California. Carl, Sr. was a leader in the advocacy of preventative health care, balanced nutrition and natural alternatives to surgery and medication. He would hold offices in various organizations and was appointed to the Roosevelt Savings and Loan board of directors. Numerous awards were bestowed as well, including being named an Honorary Texas Ranger. By the 1950’s, his son Dr. Carl E. Yaeger, Jr. would join him in the family businesses.

Dr. Yaeger, Jr. earned degrees in family medicine and chiropractic medicine, making him a one of a select group of physicians licensed in both disciplines. Like his forefathers, Carl, Jr. was also a successful entrepreneur who grew the family’s real estate holdings through acquisition of commercial, single and multifamily properties. He began practicing medicine in 1950 by opening The Yaeger Clinic in Aiken, South Carolina. In 1955 the father and son team opened The Yaeger Clinic in Miami, Florida and provided a range of medical services including minor surgery, neuromuscular-skeletal and OB-GYN procedures. Together, they delivered over 400 babies in the in-house four-bed maternity ward (some families have had all of their children delivered there), treated disaster victims, and provided health care to generations of patients. Loyal patients from as far away as Georgia and the Bahamas regularly traveled to The Clinic for treatment. Over the years, The Yaeger Clinic served over 100,000 patients. Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was a patient while living in Miami during the 1960’s.

Drs. Yaeger Jr. & Sr. with a Yaeger Clinic nurse, 1958
Dr. C.E.Yaeger, Jr. 1923-2010

Following the death of his father in 1971, Dr. Yaeger, Jr. continued his practice at the Clinic until 2005 while holding many professional offices. He was appointed Chairman of the Florida Board of Naturopathic Medicine by Governors Askew and Graham. Other affiliations included President of the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association, member of the Practice Parameters Advisory Committee of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. He received numerous honors such as the Florida Chiropractic Association Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2006 City of Miami I.C.O.N. Award. The 109th United States Congress recognized him with a Congressional Tribute on December 7, 2006.

Ivan Yaeger

Ivan Yaeger, youngest son of Dr. Yaeger, Jr. and great-great grandson of Elliott, Sr., is heir to the Yaeger family’s rich history. Ivan is Chief Executive Officer of The Yaeger Companies, a group of Miami, Florida corporations that include Y. I. P. Corporation, The Yaeger Foundation, Inc. and The Yaeger Clinic, Inc. He consolidated the family’s diverse business interests under the Yaeger Companies brand and became CEO in 2000. He expanded their holdings to include intellectual property, product development and manufacturing. In addition to being a successful inventor/entrepreneur, he has also served as a consultant to twenty-four Fortune 500 corporations, adjunct professor and motivational speaker.

Ivan entered the world of innovation when he created a battery powered bionic arm as a seventh grade science fair project. By the time he entered college Ivan had developed this design into The Yaeger Arm, a sophisticated prosthetic limb that garnered numerous science awards and a United States patent. This experience launched his career as a successful inventor and entrepreneur. Prior to graduating from the University of Miami in 1988 he established Yaeger Innovative Products Corporation (Y.I.P. Corp.) and invented its initial line of patented products. This company has supplied its products to major retailers and institutions such as Blockbuster Video, U. S. Center for Disease Control and Miami Dade County Public Schools. It has developed over 100 consumer, medical, industrial and educational products and manages the family’s real estate portfolio.

The Yaeger family has a long history of philanthropy, ranging from providing free-of-charge health care to indigent patients to scholarships for college students. In 1995, Ivan founded The Yaeger Foundation, Inc. with his parents to better focus this commitment to service. In 1997 the Foundation launched the Technology Leaders Initiative (TLI), a unique educational program that uses inventing and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help youth develop academic and personal skills. Thousands of students participate in TLI activities at schools and public libraries. Schools internationally are teaching biotechnology curricula using his Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit, an educational product that allows students to build a functioning model of the Yaeger Arm’s electronic hand. Students compete locally in its Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit Competitions in Dade and Broward counties. The Foundation is also lead developer of the Yaeger Plaza, a state-of-the-art medical, educational and commerce building in Miami.

Ivan received international recognition for leading the effort that provided an 11-year old Miami girl two myoelectrically controlled prosthetic arms in 2001. Although the patient was considered virtually impossible to fit for prosthetics due to a rare birth defect, engineering innovations of The Yaeger Arm allowed her to wear upper limbs for the first time. Ivan and The Yaeger Arm have since appeared in over 100 broadcasts and publications such as The Today Show, National Medical Association Journal, M.I.T Inventor of the Week Archive, The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Jet Magazine, People Magazine and the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s website and Minority Inventors: America’s Tapestry of Innovation video. In February 2002 the United States Patent and Trademark Office honored him for contributions to society through innovation. Black Enterprise Magazine profiled him as one of America’s top industrial designers and he is a recipient the City of Miami’s ICON Award for contributions to health care and education. In 2017, Yaeger was inducted into the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Alumni Hall of Fame for achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).