Yaeger Innovative Products Corp.

Yaeger Innovative Products Corporation (Y. I. P. Corp.) is a Miami, Florida based privately held firm that began in 1986 with a creative spark. Ivan Yaeger founded the company as a University of Miami undergraduate student following the granting of his first United States patent. The business plan for this company, established to manufacture and market his inventions, was written as a management course research project. Within four years Y. I. P. Corp. became a multimillion dollar enterprise, manufacturing products for universities, school districts and Blockbuster Video stores. Since that time, the company has evolved into a diversified product development, consulting and property management firm. We have been honored with numerous awards, recognized by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office and profiled in articles in local and national publications.

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Project Development & Manufacturing

Our first line of patented products -- the Yaeger Prosthetic Arm, DeskMaster portable clamp on school desk bookstand and CassetteLok video cassette childproofing lock -- demonstrated the diversity of our engineering capabilities. Most new companies begin with a single type of product in one industry. We began by simultaneously launched three products in three different industries. This bold entrepreneurial spirit has led to continuous development of new technologies invented in house or by outside clients. We have developed over 100 consumer, medical, industrial and educational products. Our products are sold worldwide to major retailers, institutions, governmental agencies and the general public. In addition to being a sole-source manufacturer, we also license technology to other companies. We undertake every stage of product development including engineering, prototyping, intellectual property application filing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, distribution and sales.

Educational Products & Consulting

We specialize in providing educators with innovative curricula that truly captures the interest of students while improving academic performance. Our proven educational solutions have a documented track record of effectiveness and are used by schools worldwide. We have developed kits such as the Technology Leaders Initiative Virtual Classroom™ and the Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit™ that strengthen applied science, math, language arts, business, technology skills. Our hands-on activities allow students to use teamwork, creativity and critical thinking for an exciting learning experience. Our clients include many of the largest school districts and universities such as Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Florida International University and University of California Los Angeles.

Real Estate

The Yaeger family has been continuously involved in real estate for over a century. Elliott Yaeger, Jr. began developing New Jersey property in the late 1800’s. During the 20th century the family owned residential rental properties and medical facilities in New York, Massachusetts, California, South Carolina and Florida. Today, Y. I. P. Corp. manages our portfolio of residential and commercial properties. We also engineer furnishings and fixtures for homes and medical offices.