Product Returns

We value your satisfaction with our products. If you change your mind and want a full refund:

  • Contact us via phone or e-mail to request a return authorization code;
  • Return the UNUSED/UNDAMAGED product to us within 45 days. Be sure to write the code and reason for return on a piece of paper and include with your shipment

If your package was shipped with missing parts, call or e-mail us with a part name/description. We'll send a replacement

A few simple rules about returns....

  • Kits CANNOT be returned if they are partially or fully assembled
  • We cannot refund shipping and handling costs.

Questions, Problems and Concerns

We will always strive to serve you better. We provide technical assistance to help resolve assembly and use issues with our products. Please contact us if you have questions or problems.

  • Phone: (305) 751-4208
  • Fax: (305) 691-3784
  • E-mail: