Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit

Classroom Edition

Are you looking for an interactive activity that will hold your students’ attention?

Imagine how excited your students will be to build their own bionic/robotic hand! This kit provides an electric motor, switches, battery, illustrated assembly manual and all other components needed to build a functioning prosthetic/robotic hand model.

The completed life-sized hand opens and closes at the touch of a switch and features adjustable fingers and thumb joints. It is battery powered, completely self contained and highly realistic. Students can build this kit individually or in teams and have fun while learning about mechanical and electrical design.

Students can add a rubber glove or leave it uncovered to view the mechanisms at work. They can practice grasping objects and even compete with each other for skill and accuracy. One Kit is recommended for 1 to 3 students.

The Classroom Edition Hand Kit includes the Classroom Guide CD-ROM. It provides multi-session lesson plans that make implementing this activity simple. Topics include:

  • History of Prosthetics
  • Bones and Joints
  • Adaptation and the Human Body
  • Integrated Math & Science Skills
  • Teacher Tips

We’ve also included helpful tools such as a sample pre/post test, Rubric, vocabulary word search puzzle and a full-color Assembly Manual. You’ll discover that the Hand Kit can become the centerpiece for weeks of engaging learning experiences! The included deluxe tool kit is designed for team Kit assembly.

(Recommended for grades 5-12.)

2017 Bionic Hand Kit Competition Printable Forms